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Offline flight schedule

Download and store your schedule right on your phone for easy offline viewing. NEW: sync with your device’s calendar!

Hotel information

One-touch hotel shuttle calls, crew-updated amenities info, and nearby crew-friendly establishments.

Flight duty calculator

Calculating Flight Duty Periods and Block Totals requires lookbacks accurate to the minute. So let the app that already has your schedule do the math!

Daily view

Your day’s details, starting with your report time and the option to set an alarm.

Expanded crew and flight information


Know who you’ll be flying with, leg by leg. Get gate info and incoming flight updates.

Part 117 legality
at a glance


Green or red lets you know when and if you’re good to go.

Known Crew Member 


Know where your day’s KCM checkpoints are located.

daily and monthly views in app

Monthly view

Your full month-at-a-glance with swipe down to refresh.

Device Calendar Sync


See your personal events in line with your work schedule—or sync your work schedule to your phone’s calendar. Even sync with your family’s shared calendar!

Your trip’s weather


Pack for work knowing your layover cities’ weather.

Hotel information

Pictures, maps, and
hotel amenities.

One-touch hotel call


Get that shuttle.

Detailed hotel amenities


Crew -updated information includes airport shuttle location, free breakfast info, availability of fridge, microwave, gym, pool, and more.

hotel and restaurant information screens

Hotel area map

Detailed Google Map information

What’s nearby?


Restaurants, groceries, ATM locations, and more than 25 other offline search categories.

Crew-recommended restaurants


And nearby attractions–with crew discounts and other tips.

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